The strength of the palm (story Maghreb), who loves to General Joao Baptista de Matos comes to think bad people to do change:

There was once a man whose name was detestable Sadok Ben, was very aggressive and everything seemed fine destroyed it. Near an oasis had a small palm growing up and I wanted to hit in the eyes of Ben Sadok who put a rock on top of the young palm and went on.

The palm would move the rock but could not and however hard you tried pushing getting nowhere. Removed the ground and was able to hold. How could stretch his body began to dig its roots more and found the hidden veins of water oasis, along with the purest African diamonds and the same crystalline water where they were.

The waters were fresh and gave deep the energy and strength to rock away without any other tree could overshadow his crown. The deep and intense desert light filtered through the sieve of diamonds made that it was a young tree from becoming a large palm, queen palm trees.

Time passed and the detestable Ben Sadok, again to rejoice with tree view that the damage had wanted but could not find. Neither could see the glow reflecting diamonds since the rock was placed on top was too big.

The palm tree that stood proudly pointed crown tilted his rock and thanked Sadok what he did: your charge has made me strong

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